• RELIEFIN is a new "embossing system technique" that enhances the design without altering the natural characteristics of the skin.
    This procedure allows you to maintain the natural softness of the article and is suitable for use on leathers with different uses:

    Leather goods
    Interior design

    RELIEFIN is able to enhance its particularities by reaching the highest expectations for all uses.

    Other similar techniques cannot be compared to the performance of RELIEFIN as they are subject to numerous limitations of use.

    For example, the "hot embossing technique" is characterized by an excellent rounded effect but it sacrifice the softness of leather because it become harder due to the temperature that needed for fix this roundness. The necessity of soft hand ( with stacking or milling process) sacrifice the final effect of this technique that loose the roundness gave from embossing and risk to become flat again.


  • The ‘high frequency’ technique can lead to even more performing results (mainly in the use for the development of logos) with regard to the ‘high relief’ effect and with filling on the back side the skin is not subject to the risk of flattening. However, this involves a marked hardening of the printed part that will hardly be able to soften.

    Peculiarities of RELIEFIN:
    - It is able to perform on thicknesses ranging from 0.7mm upwards with no limits in height;
    - It has no limitations inherent to the main specifications / tests required by all fashion firms;
    - It can be made on any type of leather (calves, goats, lambs, buffaloes etc..) and in any type of tanning technique (vegetable, chrome, chrome free, metal free etc.);
    - It can be made on any type of article, such as full grain articles, nappa, brush off/patent, nubuck and suede in general.

    As described above, RELIEFIN is presented as an innovative technique characterized by unique characteristics that allow a wide-ranging application.

    RELIEFIN is a patented system by David Leather Expressions